Black Persia's September 29th Birthday Bash | Kinsta Music Sep 29 - Sep 30

She had over 6,000 famous celebrities on her MySpace. The Blog Talk Radio host of the show Kinsta Music Online Radio, Robin V Williams, is having a birthday bash on September 29th, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also the CEO of Kinsta Music. Robin owned the url titled Kinsta Music back in 2010. She was friends with music celebrities spanning many genres from rock to r&b. Dinner menus include French and Italian cuisine. Every lovely lady will receive a white velvet gift bag with a golden string around it. There, Robin will be crowned Queen and diamonds will be presented to her. She will then sit on her royal throne, with her royal staff and enjoy her royal court. All hail the Queen!


Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Robin Victoria Williams (470) 228-2037

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